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Dominique Condevaux, Licensed Addiction and Professional Counselor

Colorado & Michigan

About Dominique Condevaux

This path to a sense of serenity and balance allows one not only to experience calm before the storm, but to be calm within the storm. I believe that everyone deserves unconditional positive regard while they are developing their identity, making changes in their lives, or simply looking for validation within a non-judgmental environment. I have found that by accessing my own sense of inner Peace while utilizing my clinical skills and professional experience, I can provide a compassionate and supportive space for clients to have a positive therapeutic outcome.

PAX Counseling & Consulting began as I observed a need to focus on a fundamental breakdown in relationships that could be addressed by cultivating more effective communication skills among my clientele. These skills begin with the individual developing intrapersonal communication skills, including an examination of the self or one’s own identity, feelings, emotions, thought and behavioral patterns. With a fundamental understanding of oneself attained, I have observed that clients can then develop interpersonal communication skills that positively effect their relationships with others as they learn to express themselves authentically and with mindful awareness with family, friends, loved ones, colleagues, and society as a whole. For that reason, I work with individuals, couples, partners, married couples, families, blended families, co-workers, and groups.

In addition to communication skills, I noticed that many clients feel the need to address or incorporate an underlying spirituality that is missing in most therapeutic settings, techniques, and interventions. This spirituality presents itself in many forms and in different contexts depending on the client, but is nonetheless present as a component of their needs and desires. PAX Counseling was developed to create an environment where open, non- judgmental communication with appropriate underlying faith and spirituality is free to improve people’s lives and their roles in relationships.

My name is Dominique Condevaux, the founder & owner of PAX Counseling & Consulting. I chose the name PAX because it is the Latin word for Peace. The concept of Peace has been an integral part of my experiences, and represents what I have seen others strive for in their own struggles. Finding and developing Peace within one’s life is an ongoing and proactive journey that often requires the support of others. 

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