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"This path to a sense of serenity and balance allows one not only to experience calm before the storm, but to be calm within the storm."

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If you are working through grief, trauma, PTSD, addictions and/or conflict, I can help. I am a licensed professional counselor (National and Distance credentialed) and a licensed professional addiction counselor, as well as a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist with post-graduate certifications in multiple specialties concerning child, parent, and family issues. Since opening my practice in 2010 I have successfully worked with a variety of clientele and situations. I work under Carl Roger's philosophy of Unconditional Positive Regard, focusing on the behaviors, actions, and situations of my clients while leaving the soul of the individual intact and assumed good.

Pax Counseling & Consulting, PLLC​

Dominique Condevaux, Licensed Addiction and Professional Counselor

Colorado & Michigan